On Sunday 14th July 2019 we will be attempting to break a World Record for the longest 11-a-side football match. The game will kick off at 6pm and end 169 hours later on Sunday 21st July 2019.

Below you will find a list of requirements for you to apply to participate in this World Record Attempt. In order for us to consider your application it is important you read and understand these. By submitting this application you are agreeing to these requirements and our charity terms & conditions, a copy of which can be forwarded on request.

  • This is an official Guinness World Record (GWR) Attempt and as such the rules of the World Record must be adhered to at all times. Should you wish to receive these rules and regulations a copy can be given to you.
  • Witnesses need to be in attendance observing key incidents for the full duration of the 4 hour period they have signed up for. They are key in getting the record attempt officially verified by Guinness World Records.
  • Full witness duties will be provided after application has been confirmed.
  • Witnesses can only officially observe 4 hours of play at a time. After the 4 hour period is up, a 4 hour break must be taken before witnessing again.
  • Official rest breaks are built up by all participants as a group. They equate to 5 minutes for every full one hour that is played. This will be done in 12 hour shifts – this means for every 12 hours played, there will be a 1 hour break in play for players to have a shower and rest. However witnesses must ramian present during this period.
  • The attempt will be undertaken inline with the official rules of Association Football, please familiarise yourself with these.