The Farrell’s Trip to London

At the beginning of the year, we became aware of a gentleman
from Neath who was suffering from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The family were very modest in their application, not
wanting to ask too much of KOAC, enquiring if we could send them, with there
three children to London to see the musical Matilda and, if it wasn’t too much
trouble to maybe book on their behalf one of either the London Eye, Aquarium or
Madame Tussauds

Inside the Air Dome in cardiff

2019 World Record Attempt Update

After small discussions in our regular Trustee meetings during the final few months of 2018 we have ramped up our World Record planning 2019. So far we have invested >75 hours of time into the event.


Christmas Auction – A Thank You

Christmas seems like it is far behind us, but we at KOAC would like to give a massive thank you everyone who was involved in our online Christmas Auction.


A Christmas Treat for Caroline

It was back in November that KOAC learned of Caroline’s condition through a mutual friend of some of the trustees. This seemed particularly cruel given that the festive season was just around the corner. So we decided to organise a Christmas treat for Caroline!


National Trustee Week – Meet Pete

In our latest feature during Trustees Week, we asked our trustees to answer some questions so that you can get to know the people behind Kicking Off Against Cancer a little better. First up is our newest Trustee Pete.


Announcement: Trustee Changes

Kicking Off Against Cancer can today officially announce recent trustee changes – Matt Farr has decided to step down to be replaced by Peter Coughlin.