Apply to Make Memories

Kicking Off Against Cancer believe it is incredibly important for a charity to not only raise money, but to support those that the charity was set up to help. We have experienced that memories made are just as important as the money itself. These can last a lifetime and it is an honour and privilege for us to be able to help make them. We have already helped numerous good causes since we were founded back in 2017.

We are incredibly humbled by the people we meet and inspired by the stories we hear and this drives us to keep pushing and to help more and more people. We are also always on the lookout for new causes to help and you are welcome to get in touch to make a suggestion. All causes will be discussed and considered carefully and if within our means to help then it will be done.

If you would like to apply for funding in order to make memories for you and/or your friends/family, you can click here to apply for funding online (form opens in new tab).