This year, Kicking Off Against Cancer is aiming to achieve something a little different. Our goal is to tick off 100 fundraising events, to be known as the KOAC Century.

For this we will be relying on you, our loyal supporters to organise and fundraise for us. Your event can consist of anything – a quiz, coffee morning, run/walk a race, even bath in beans if you like! Anything you can do to fundraise for us can contribute to the KOAC Century and help us make some positive memories for those suffering from cancer, similar to those we have been fortunate enough to help before.

How it works

The KOAC Century is pretty simple. All you have to do is come up with any sort of fundraising idea and fill out the form below so we can track it. We will then be in touch to support your fundraising efforts in any way we can. For every £10 raised, you will get 1 ticket for our end of year prize draw!

If you have existing fundraising events that have already been organised you are more than welcome to register these for the KOAC Century. You are also more than welcome to register more than one event!

So why not join us this year? Contribute to our KOAC Century of 100 fundraising events completed in 2020 and make a real positive difference to people who are suffering from cancer.