World Cancer Day – World Record Attempt Announcement


February 04th is World Cancer day, a hugely important day not just for Cancer Charities, but anyone that is joining in the fight against Cancer. The below is taken from the World Cancer Day website and explains just what today is all about and why it is significant to all.

Each year on 4 February, World Cancer Day empowers all of us across the world to show support, raise our collective voice, take personal action and press our governments to do more. World Cancer Day is the only day on the global health calendar where we can all unite and rally under the one banner of cancer in a positive and inspiring way.

Here at KOAC, we want to use today to not only highlight the importance of February 04th, but to launch our biggest fundraising challenge yet.

As many of you will know, our roots come from a football world record and we are going to go back to those roots. Not only to raise all important funds to continue helping those suffering from cancer have some respite from their battle, but to also raise awareness of what we are doing and why.

With this in mind, we are going to be attempting another Guinness World Record, this time for the longest 11-a-side football Match! On Sunday 14th July 2019, 36 players will enter The Air Dome, found at Cardiff City House of Sport, Leckwith and play football until Saturday 20th July.

The aim of these players will be to complete the equivalent of 90 games of football back to back – an incredible 135 hours! Those with quick maths skills will have worked out that this equates to 5 days and 15 hours of football – all to raise money and awareness for Kicking Off Against Cancer!

The Board of Trustees have been working hard behind the scenes to get this off the ground and will continue the planning over the coming months, but with such a huge challenge ahead of them and the players, we really need your help.

Our Trustee Ben Banks, highlighted what we need: “It’s a huge ask from a logistical point of view and we have an awful lot of planning to do before we can even begin the actual football. The players coming together and undertaking this challenge is only one part of it.”

“When we undertook the indoor record, the amount of people and the level of support we had was actually what inspired us to set the charity up in the first place. With this being a much longer challenge, we will need even more help! We are incredibly lucky here at KOAC to have an amazing board that work incredibly hard. We are, however, also realistic and whilst we have big ideas and so many more people to help, we cannot do it without the amazing support we have experienced to date, and boy will we need it this time!”

If you’ve been thinking of undertaking some charity work or just want to get involved in this unique event, then now’s your chance. Whether it is volunteering to do some witnessing, lacing up your boots, dusting off your ref’s whistle or just simply being a pair of hands, WE NEED YOU!

If you think you could get involved in any way or know someone that can, please contact us via or visit our website for more details. Alternatively you can visit our event page to find out more, or email us [email protected].

We are also pleased to be able to offer up some exciting opportunities for companies to partner up with us and sponsor the event, we have a variety of packages available to suit all budgets. To request a sponsorship information pack, please visit our event sponsorship page, or email [email protected]