Arianna – The Real Wonder Woman

We started to follow Arianna’s journey on Instagram earlier this year and it wasn’t long before we saw exactly how amazing the real wonder woman was.

Arianna has been diagnosed with Stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma – a form of aggressive cancer that is almost always found in Children, with a survival rate of only around 50%. The family knew very little about it when their world was turned upside down in November 2021.


Wendy’s Trip to Alton Towers

When the UK came back to some form of normality, we organised a weekend in Alton Towers for the family. This was all in line with the Covid regulations of both the government and the venue itself.


Volunteers Week 2020

Here at KOAC, we see that volunteers are the life of any charity and as it is Volunteers Week we thought we would get back in touch with some of our amazing volunteers and ask them about their experience with KOAC


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the ongoing health crisis around the world at present and due to the fact that those with cancer or having treatment for cancer can lower your ability to fight infection, the board of trustees have decided that we will not be able to arrange any experiences before at least April 20th 2020


January 2020 Update

It has been a busy start to the year here at KOAC HQ and so we thought we would give our supporters a little update on what we have been up to.


Announcement – Change of Trustee

we are delighted to announce that Darren Taylor has agreed to join the board. Darren has already shown a huge dedication to KOAC since we were founded and has been one of the biggest supporters of KOAC since we first formed.


Gift Aid Awareness Day

Today is Gift Aid Awareness Day! So, what does that actually mean?
Well, according to estimates in the UK an approximate £560m of potential Gift Aid goes unclaimed each year; which is a staggering figure. For a small charity like ours, which is totally reliant on donations, this can make a huge difference. As an example, gift aid on our recent World Record Attempt meant we generated an additional £2,000+ from people ticking the box on the donations; which will allow us to help 4-5 more families. A massive impact!


Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Report

Recently the first ever dedicated report into charitable giving in Wales was published by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

The report is useful to us, because here at Kicking Off Against Cancer we like to remain up to date with current issues that affect our industry.
This means we can stay ahead of any regulation changes, adapt our internal processes and effectively deliver on our ‘Charitable Purpose’.

Inside the Air Dome in cardiff

2019 World Record Attempt Update

After small discussions in our regular Trustee meetings during the final few months of 2018 we have ramped up our World Record planning 2019. So far we have invested >75 hours of time into the event.