Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Report

Recently the first ever dedicated report into charitable giving in Wales was published by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). Whilst we operate across the whole of the UK this report has given us insight into the Charity sector and charitable habits of people living specifically in Wales.

The report is useful to us, because here at Kicking Off Against Cancer we like to remain up to date with current issues that affect our industry.
This means we can stay ahead of any regulation changes, adapt our internal processes and effectively deliver on our ‘Charitable Purpose’.

Here’s a brief overview of the report findings that are of interest to KOAC as a charity:

⦁ 89% of individuals in Wales say they have participated in a charitable or social activity in the last 12 months, higher than the UK average.
⦁ Just under two fifths (37%) of people claimed to have sponsored someone for charity within the last year. People in Wales appear to be more likely to sponsor someone for charity than across the UK as a whole.
⦁ An estimated £454 million was donated to charity by those living in Wales in 2018 – accounting for 4.5% of the UK total.
⦁ One in six people in Wales have volunteered in the last year, with the level of volunteering being higher amongst students.
⦁ Those claiming Gift Aid on their donations in Wales is lower than the UK as a whole (47% vs 51%).

The CAF report also provides valuable data on the level of trust in charities. It found that 49% of people in Wales ‘strongly’ or ‘tend to’ agree that charities are trustworthy (UK overall figure of 48%).

Trust is vital to the relationship between a Charity and its supporters. At KOAC we take this very seriously and work to be open and transparent with how we spend our funds to ensure that all donations are used wisely.

So in summary the people of Wales rock when it comes to supporting Charities like us and we can’t help people without that support from you so a huge thank you to everyone…but please remember to tick the Gift Aid box next time!

For further information or to read through the full report, visit CAF Research