Wear it Pink


Today sees people across Britain adorn their finest pink clothing and head out to work, school or the community all in aid of “Wear It Pink”.
Some will hold huge fundraisers to raise money for the event, some might just change the colour of their socks, but it’s all in aid of a really amazing cause.

Money raised from the Wear It Pink campaign goes to research into breast cancer which is the most common form of cancer in the UK. Since 2002 when it first took place, the campaign has raised an amazing total of £33million.

At KOAC, we like to take part in as many of these fund-raising days as possible and take every opportunity to raise awareness on all forms of cancer. That’s why, today, we are supporting Breast Cancer Now’s “Wear It Pink” campaign.

Breast cancer awareness month continues throughout October and we are encouraging all our supporters to help spread the message and raise awareness of breast cancer. More importantly, we are putting real emphasise on checking yourself!

If you do one thing today other than wearing pink, ensure you take some time to check your breasts, our article at the beginning of October, aims to help with how you can do this – why not encourage someone else to do this as well? It may seem embarrassing to talk about to some, but you might be saving someone’s life!